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If you would like to list your requirements please call 0211304512
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Ref 4114 Wanted to Lease
with option to buy a child's first pony
for exp home where your pony will be given
all the love and attention and care you would
give them located in North Waikato
We live on site an wanted for kids lead rein
to learn on to learn from mums horse low level
events min competitive and family fun if you have
a suitable pony for this family
please contact us on 0211304512
Ref 4115 I have a beautiful well mannered
good looking 16.2hh standardbred gelding
looking for the perfect rider for North
Canterbury Area.
Please contact us with the reference no
if you are a suitable rider looking for this type
of horse in North Canterbury. Ph 0211304512
Ref 4201 Wanted looking to Lease a horse
in South Wairapa area.
I have 30yrs experience but have not ridden
for a little whileand I'm old now so will need
a calm but forward moving horse for gentle 
hacking would prefer snaffle bit type but
anything considered. Grazing is sorted
please contact us if you have one you would
like to lease to a good home. Ph  0211304512
Ref 5732 Wanted horse 15.2hh to 16hh 
schoolmaster must be good natured sound a
sensible Good to handle suitable for hacking PC
and low level competition please contact us
if you have one Ph/text 0211304512
or flick us a email
Ref 5744 Wanted pony 10hh-13.2hh
suitable for pony club mount must be
good natured good to handle great doer
and good to float contact us
ph/text 0211304512 or email your details
Ref 5775 Wanted pony Learners 13.2hh-14.2hh
  must be safe mount been to pony club,
good to handle and  float
Ref 5990 Wanted Hack  Hunter type 15hh
plus good scopey jumper easy to handle
great natured  suit quiet confident rider
Ref 4202 Clients looking for a double braked float
In Southland
please contact us or go to our listing page
Ref L2354 Hi, my names Chelsy.
I'm an 11 year old intermediate rider in
Christchurch NZ.
I'm looking for a long term lease horse that's
kind and that can jump and I can take places.
I've jumped 1.05 and can drive 40 minutes
away I will have my mum with me 24/7
until I feel comfortable around the horse.

please contact us if you have any thing
Ref B4203 looking for an eventing horse
schoolmaster 15.3-16.3hh for my daughter
in Dunedin NZ
Please contact us at NZHorsetrader
Ref WF4204 Wanted triple angle float
in South Island preferably.
accommodation not required
Please contact us at NZHorsetrader
Ref WT6754 Wanted to buy or lease. 
Genuine beginners pony for 10yold
daughter who has had lessons since
she was 5yo.
We are well set up and ready for pony club.
  The pony will share house paddock with
the kids calf club calves for company
- with the whole farm to explore. 
Located just south of Whangarei
but willing to travel for right pony.
Please contact us at NZHorsetrader
Ref B4205 Looking for a forward moving
full sized chunky pony that loves eventing.
Needs to enjoy jumping
and good at dressage.
Low budget.
Please contact us at NZHorsetrader
Ref4112 Wanted a Pony
Buyer Looking for a quieter older pony 13-14.2hh
Contact NZHORSETRADER if you have one suitable contact Jo
0211304512 with the ref number.
Ref L6755 Unicorn wanted to lease.
Due to horse recovering from colic surgery
we need a horse to fill in until he is back in work.
Wish list : 15.2hh - 16hh,
able to walk, trot and Canter.
Am also open to full size chuncky pony.
Must be Gelding.
Someone must have an older
horse/school master,
needs to be able to be ridden straight away.
Will have light work, 4 times a week.
References available from previous leases.
Please contact us at NZHorsetrader
Ref B6757 I am after a park hack
150cm to a maximum height of 158cm
must be fine and hoy quality.
No arabs or part arabs, prefer tb or tb cross.
Must be sane and sound don’t want
anything over the age of 10yrs old
and no chestnuts.
Sorry it’s a bit of a list but we know exactly
what we want and are prepared to wait
for the right horse
Please contact us at NZHorsetrader
Ref BL6758 interested in a lease
but could be interested in
buying down the road.
Not super fussed on height
but probably around 16 hands,
could be more or less though.
Looking in Palmerston North
as I’m a vet student and
don’t have a ton of time to commute.
Also must be safe and well broken in.
Please contact us at NZHorsetrader
Ref B6759 Looking to buy
any 16hh + horses for sale
at the moment with jumping ability 1.15+
and under 10k that isn’t Tb
preferably near me which is in Southland.
contact us if you have one for sale
and quote the reference number
Ph 0212304512
Ref B6761 North Island Buyer
looking to buy ClydieX around 16hh
up to $6000.
Must be quiet and safe
as buyer has had brain surgery 
Would prefer Palomino but would
consider others.
contact us and quote
the reference number
Ph 0212304512
Ref B6762 Looking for for Williams
single float,
preferably South Island, up to 10k
contact us and quote
the reference number
Ph 0212304512

Any questions?
Feel free to contact us.

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